The process for the development of the EcoStore USA rebrand took place over the greater portion of 15 weeks and included many sleepless nights. The project itself can be surmised in a single word,”intense.”

Probably one of the few projects that ever had me stalking people in shopping markets to better analyze their shopping habits. It’s funny how even the simple act of watching people shop can produce a world of unimaginable data. If nothing else, it told me that product placement and packaging was all that mattered. Even when it came to the price, the better looking package tended to win over the absolute cheapest. With this in mind, I and a team of three others got to work developing the final rebranding solution for EcoStore USA.

The final design was based on the concept that like medication, you should take and use what is good for you. This developed into a system that mimicked label zoning and changed the tone of the overal typographic message. By using a handwritten font Berimbau, it helped to make close the personable gap most products do with their audience.

In the end this produced a systems guide/process book for the company and was chosen third in a line of  6 possible redesigns.